Daisy Jones & the Six

Daisy Jones & the Six (My Review)

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Have you read Daisy Jones & the Six yet? Book Clubs all over have been reading this book and losing their minds about it. Which is probably why I was on a two month waiting list at the library to get this book. I finally got to read it this week. I had to take a few days after finishing this book to organize my thoughts enough to write a review.

Daisy Jones & the Six is a Bit Unusual

The first thing you will notice about Daisy Jones & the Six is that it isn’t set up the way a “normal” book is—a story told by some narrator, either first person or third person. Daisy Jones & the Six is told as an “Author interview”.

The members of The Six, Daisy Jones, and others that knew them as they built the band, are all interviewed by an author writing a book about this rise to fame and the subsequent fallout of that fame.

Reviews of Daisy Jones & the Six Are Mixed

I read other reviews of Daisy Jones & the Six and found that people either loved this book or weren’t fans. Those who loved it are raving about it all over social media and on Goodreads and Amazon. They want EVERYONE to read this book.

Those who didn’t like this book aren’t seeing the hype. From what I can tell from the reviews, a majority of those who didn’t like the book, didn’t like this interview format of storytelling.

I’m in the LOVED Daisy Jones & the Six Camp

I thought this type of format really gave the story much more depth and complexity than one could get out of a first person narration. I mean, you’re only getting one side with first person. Even third person narration can be limited (unless it’s third person omnipresent).

The characters said what was on their minds. And by what the other characters said, you could deduce what WASN’T said, the lies that were being told, and the truth that was hidden. This, in my opinion, gave greater insight to the characters and their relationships to the other characters in the book.

What’s it About?????

The story itself seems to start off like all the other rock band stories of drugs, sex, and rock and roll. And yes, there’s plenty of all of that. (In fact, I could practically hear a soundtrack to this book in my head…Taylor Jenkins Reid, get on that!)

But at the heart of this book is a love story. A man who loves his wife desperately, but can’t help falling in love with someone else. You can actually FEEL the pain of the characters, feel their helplessness at their emotions. I really think it’s due to the unique storytelling method…you get such a visceral reaction to the love story by not only what those characters in love tell you, but what the other characters tell you about what they’re seeing.

Taylor Jenkins Reid is a Rock Star Herself

I love all of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books thus far and this one is no exception. She does a phenomenal job putting the reader in the story, having the reader experience the characters, and making the reader love these characters despite their incredibly overwhelming flaws. She handles a taboo love story in the best way possible, but still makes the reader understand it, feel it, experience the heartbreak of it.

And I think it really illustrates how all relationships, even those that seem never to break, go through seasons. Even in the darkest of times, the ones that survive are the ones whose love never wavers underneath the storm that’s brewing on the surface.

We can’t control what we feel. We can’t control who we’re drawn to. And we sure as hell can’t control who we love, even if we try to hate them. What we can control is how we act, the decisions we make. Daisy Jones & the Six is the perfect illustration of that idea.

Two Thumbs Up, Five Stars, Go Get This Book

Definitely pick this book up…it’s not just about a band skyrocketing to stardom and crashing…it’s about all the stuff in between. And love. Definitely love.

(Don’t be a dope like me and spend months on the waiting list at the library…get it HERE and have it in your hands by the end of the week!)

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